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FOnline:Forever Devblog issue #2
« on: April 15, 2018, 06:13:53 PM »
Hello and welcome to FOnline:Forever Devblog

It's purpose? Keep you updated on the stuff we are currently working on and what we are planning to do.
We know that it is always annoying to wait for changes to come, especially when you have no idea when the server wipes and what we are doing.

Last week, a few of you have discovered our first Devblog. It was read 109 times until that day (04.15.2018 at 9:45 AM), which is really awesome,
especially if you consider the fact that I read it 108 times myself and one time Ravenis, I would like to thank you all for your participation and your interest in our project :D 

We have been working this week as usual - Hard. And of course we have done some significant changes in the project and now, spent our time fixing and balancing them.

This week, we were focused on:

The Den

Actually I have no idea why I have chosen this town, but we have been spending our time working on this city with Vice Dice.

The changes concern mainly quests and jobs. Oh... and closing this fucking fence around slaves camp behind Metzger's.

What will we have now ?

A new npc is standing somewhere in the North-Eastern part of the Den and will give you a unique quest. We tried to do this one in a traditional Fallout style:
- Different dialog options and quest outcomes by using your developped skills: such as repair/science etc. Yet the "sh00t sh00t sh00t" option still remains possible.
- Some cool AI changes which will make critters react differently to your behaviour. For once in a blue moon you have to think before spam clicking.
- People who tagged you, will be also  able to finish your quest if: you have a bad connection, you ragequitted (and have previously warned everyone on forum), your momma brought you a glas of warm milk and told you that it is time to go to bed etc.

Tyler, comes back.
This is no longer a regular guard anymore. We are currently working on a chain quest with him, and of course, we do propose different options.

Smitty has a job for you.
Smitty will have a regular job for you. I have no idea what will be the cooldown yet, but we already know what you will do.

Upcoming quest:

Lara's chain quest which should bring some rivalery with Tyler. So choose wisely your side.

Mom from Mom's Dinner will need your help as well.

And look around hookers! Some of them have something special for you. Don't worry, this is not a thai trap...


We finally separated weapons and armors in different TIERS and will proceed to balance it. One thing is for sure, everything will be useful.

Tier 0 Is the first must-have that you can craft without any profession. No recipe nor advanced workbenches are required. Just gather some junk and go for the conquest.
Tier 1 requires the first professions which introduce new weapons. Those are better than in tier 0 but this tier has also weapons which can be crafted from tier 0 items and propose different solutions to the player.
Tier 2 requires the second professions which proposed a variety of weapons and enlarges the possibilities. A bit deeper crafting requirement but still not pain in ass.
Tier 3 requires third profession (yes, I thought that adding a third level profession with this amount of items would be nice). You will need hq ressources and advanced workbenches which are in the cities.
Tier 4 aka top weapons and armors, require rare components, rare recipes and unique workbenchs which can be found in New Reno, Ares and some other places (I will work on it). These weapons and armors cannot be found already crafted for the sake of balance. No more LUCKY STRIKES - you get t4 only if you craft it or if you buy it from someone.
Tier 5 very rare items. They have no recipes, no components and are uncraftable. These can be found in T5 dungeons.

Collection Items: Those are uncraftable, but still can be farmed from different NPC factions or locations. They might be slightly better than t3 or just add another playstyle.

The crafting system will be proprtionnaly difficult but still enjoyable :)


As planned:

Glow, Warehouse and Vault 15.

These locations will have mainly skill books, mid rare recipes and rare components to gather. You will be able to do them "solo/rambo" yet it is still advised to go there with some friends, just in case if you meet another "gg-ez-rambo-dude".
As we already implemented books for every skill (Reserved skill remains still useless, so it has obviously no books yet.) you will find in those dungeons less common skill books which will of course have more value than the others.

New Reno.
A place where you will find some statted weapons, recipes and the only Advanced Energy Workbench (for the moment).

This place has born anew. The times when you could do it solo because you were bored or just wanted to show on youtube how cool your build is, are over. Level 4 has been slightly extended and has a new door. Open it and discover it's mysteries.  ;D


The interface can be adapted now to different resolutions and we started doing some crazy stuff with shaders. We try to adapt it to adpat those effects to different situation.
For example: Drug side effects.

If you take them, they will give not only bonuses but they also numb your brain and the side effects will change your perception of this world. Think twice before you drug yourself, junkie!

Stay tuned guys!