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FOnline:Forever Devblog issue #1
« on: April 09, 2018, 01:28:55 PM »
Hello and welcome to the FOnline:Forever Devblog.

It's purpose? Keep you updated on the stuff we are currently working on and what we are planning to do.
We know that it is always annoying to wait for changes to come, especially when you have no idea when the server wipes and what we are doing.

This is why we decided to keep in touch with you, but on the other hand, we would like to avoid spoils of EVERYTHING we do and keep some surprises for you to discover.

I - The character.

The character...

The creation of a new character is one of the most important parts of the game no matter on which FOnline server you play (or any original Fallout). Whenever you start a new adventure you instantly ask yourself these never ending questions:

- What S.P.E.C.I.A.L should I chose ?
- What trait should I pick ? What skill should I tag ?
- Which perks are "musthave" ?

The last question makes us losing our mind since we never stop arguing about builds.   :D

"One day, a bluesuit will come
He will be a level one, completely new to the game
He shall spawn near the NCR
With the perfect powerbuild nobody has ever seen "

                   From the prophecy of Nice Boat, BBS

We don't know what will be the unique powerbuild but we did the tools for you to make one.  ;)

As usual, some things were improved, others nerfed or even removed.

The maximum level cap is 24. You won't get more perks, nor more skill points. Just level 24 is the maximum.
We look forward to find some answers after taking some healing powder (which is based of Xander roots). I guess... we are... close...
*zZz zZz*...


This one remains pretty the same except for some changes in Strenght and Agility.We changed the Strength's modifiers in carry weight.


1 strength = 22kg
10 Strength = 126kg

We look forward to test it later on. But it will make less people angry about the fact that someone is looting while the battle still goes on :D.


Agility, or more precisely the amount of Action Points, has a new interesting feature: speed modifier.
The more action points you have - the faster you move!

Thus, someone who has 15 AP will run faster than someone who has 10. But this formula is not linear and you cannot stack an incredible amount of speed.

The possible maximum can be reached with perks, drugs and traits and will increase your movement speed by 65%.

"Run Forrest! Run!"


The traits needed an important rework and we invested our time in it. Even if the players are used to such Traits as "Bonehead" and Fastshot/Small Frame, we broke the rules and added some challenging options.

Mutant replaces Small Frame.

The Mutant trait allows you to play as... a ghoul! Hell no...
We know that FOnline2 popularized this trait and thus created a whole new play style and we thank them for this.

Playing in Turn Based or clearing the dungeons or what so ever, the Mutant trait will give you additional +100 max HP, additional 5%DR, +7 Melee Damage and +80 kg carry weight.
You only can use heavy energy weapons and big guns and wear either no armor (only if you are a badass), or leather jackets or metal armors and tesla armors.
But our mutant trait IS affected by speed modifiers and yes - you will move faster!

Sniper replaces Loner

A whole new trait which is very useful for those who play with 1 PE and 1% crit chance!

The sniper gives you additional +5% crit chance and +5 crit roll but requires 1 more AP cost either for bursting or and single shots. A kind of reverted fast shot which makes your hits even stronger and your ennemies run away faster.

Kamikaze repalces... Kamikaze ?

Actually we kept the same trait name but modified completely it's meaning. Now, when you tag Kamikaze, your movement speed increases by 15% and the overall chance of being hit
is reduced to maximum 85% (80% for minigun bursts)
. The only drawback is that you will really feel the pain as the damage that you receive will be increased by 20%.

One hander!

All within your hand! But don't worry, it only concerns your in game skills and not the thing I know you were thinking of! (hue hue hue)
This trait increases your chance to hit with one handed weapons by 30% and increases the damage by 10%! But using two handed weapons will make you useless as your to hit chance will decrease by -80%.

Skilled buffed!

This trait remained for long time a bad option for pvp and became even useless with high level cap (or even no level cap). But don't worry we bring it back even stronger.
Now you get +6 skill points per level AND +10% additional experience whenever you get experience!
As for the drawbacks, it is still 1 perk every 4 levels. Get rekt !

Fast Metabolism

There are people who recover slowly from wounds, people who recover faster from wounds and there are people who picked Fast Metabolism. Their healing rate is increased and they heal a certain percentage of hit points every 10 seconds when they are out of combat! But the maximal HP amount cannot get over 230.

These are the changes we have done so far within the traits list and we think that it will open more opportunities for all players! If anyone is interested to test it, don't hesitate to send me a PM !


Oh... my favorite part!
We did quite a lot of changes. But describing it all would me make me write a huge changelog and guess what, I am too lazy for this...

Okay, okay... I can spoil some things tho!

Works the same way as on the good old 2238 = gives +4 HP every level and can be picked twice on level 12 and level 15. 

And Stay Back!
A new perk which is dedicated for those who love shotguns! It halves your target 's DT and gives you the ability (actually only 20% chance) to knockback even the toughest Stonewall-full-tank-die-hard!

Up and Close
Well this is a perk which is dedicated for all onehexers. Whenever you onehex your target, you deal additional +15% damage.

YES. You can onehex on our server! But you require a perk for this! Simply because there are people who have lags, are too slow or simply don't like onehexing. But there are also those who love shredding people into little pieces when they shove their miniguns up the asses of their victims. We leave you the choice, and of course we wanted to find our own balance and go away from the system of two fellow servers where onehexing is either inexistent or forces you constantly to run after your target in order to kill it (or not).

There are many more old perks (Gain SPECIAL/Toughness/More Critical...) modified and some more new added. But as I said above... We don't wanna spoil it all. :p


Besides the fact that we changed the character building in many ways we also did some new improvements into the world.

- Klamath, The Hub and Gecko have now a REKTangular shape, thus you will be able to scroll normall through the entire map.
And no, you will no longer hide in the broken corner next to the Reactor Number 5 in Gecko.  :-\

- Added new private t1 and t2 dungeons which can be obtained from an NPC in NCR. These dungeons will allow you to gather a lot of regular stuff for your crafting and all day using as well as preparing for some tougher dungeons.
Vault 15, Warehouse and The Glow will be readapated and rebalanced for a better fitting lore.

- New dungeon has been added in the sewers of New Reno.
Those who remember the secret transaction guarding in Fallout 2 between Salvatore and Enclave, might be pleased to hear that we went a little bit deeper into this story and developed a whole new place and a lore.


Encalve kept working with Salvatore and decided to build a laboratory somewhere in the sewers and started an energy weapons production. In exchange Salvatore provided drugs which were tested on the human species by the enclave scientists.
The only problem was the energy supply. There was not enough power generated which led to some internal security disfunctions and opened the door to the secret vault. Salvatore placed some guards inside but with a skilled and well organized team, his thugs won't be difficult to get rid off.
The further you go into the dungeon, the stronger will be your foes as the rooms becomes smaller and the Enclave guards are very well equipped. If you manage to survive until the end and defeated Salvatore Thugs, Enclave guards and backstabbing teams, you will most probably discover the production room in which you will be able to find high Statted energy weapons (advanced or unique), a small chance of some very good energy weapons drop and a unique Energy Weapon Workbench which allows you to craft your own T4 energy weapons if you bring the right components and find the recipe.

But it doesn't matter how good you are at onehexing or how unique your build is since the explosion of the generator will lead you to the replication point instantly (AND YES, WE HAVE LOOT DROP!!!). Beware!

So what do you need to know ?   :o

- Dungeon in New Reno sewers with a door that opens on 9PM server time and closes at 11PM server time every day
- A lot of ennemies to kill and a lot of boxes with gear to loot
- A workbench for T4 EW crafting
- Chance of a T4 recipe drop
- Chance for some very strong statted T3 drops.

You can also check TKs-Mantis's video about our dungeon. Even if it had bugs it allowed us to fix all the issues we encountered and of course improve the content of the loot boxes!
Mantis, if you read this, THANK YOU !!!

Here is the link to his video:

Some more dungoens will be done. Can't say now what are we working on, but we are preparing something cool and it is already HUGE and awesome ;)


We are thinking of reworking crafting and reducing the amount of items that we already have in the game as it is very hard to manage it all and find a proper balance.

As for now we decided to remove the possibility to craft statted weapons and armors because of the following reasons:
- it makes you grind for statted weapons and armors and forces you to craft stuff that you won't really need in the end (at least in these huge amounts) just because you wanted ONLY +AP ARMOR !!111
- it kills the balance between all items.
- it simply has no sense to make so much random. After having crafted over 1000 miniguns, you did some uniques with +20 min max damage and -AP burst but you still didn't manage to learn how to do only this type of bonuses. Seriously ?


We kept statted items in the game and therefore decided to improve the crafting in another way.
You won't craft statted stuff but you will FIND it in the game. It will be some kind of Tier 3.5 items. And don't worry about an improved laser pistol or an advanced 10mm pistol.
These weapons will be used as CRAFTING MATERIALS for a higher level weapons. Thus if you get an improved laser pistol you can overcraft it into an improved laser rifle which will preserve the stats of the weapons you found!


- We added a new sound system which dramatically improves your hearing experience and gives you eargasms when using gatling lasers!
- Added additional visual effects like gatling's multiple laser rays (which can even change their direction if you miss your target), gauss rifle rail shot ray, smoke grenade which now covers you from ennemy shots, flash greandes which makes your targets cry like babies (temporary blind) and forces them to walk.
- Added some little features like CTRL+Click in inventory in order to equip a weapon/armor/helmet.

All these things were done within the past 4 weeks. We also added a couple of quests with some new maps and some very well written dialogs ("Yes", "No", "Maybe", "Sarcasm" included).
We are working  pretty hard and expect you to test it whenever we set the testing server up. We will try to make a weekly Dev Blog post (if we are not too lazy) and keep you in touch.

Stay tuned guys!  ;)

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Re: FOnline:Forever Devblog issue #1
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2018, 08:03:05 AM »
Sneak Peak to some other features, with screens

Territory control

Random generated dungeon AKA Junk Court

Timed Events, like these

Some events will appear in world map (random places)

Scorpions lair, and yes, you can enter the actual lair too

Also, Wiki page about Character and Weapon perks
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FOnline Forever Developer


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Re: FOnline:Forever Devblog issue #1
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2018, 12:09:11 AM »
I like the format that these updates are being presented! Lovely to see that this is remaining active, and will definitely give this server another go to play on the side, especially the zone control feature. Keep up the good work lads. :-)