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Handful of Faction names to be added
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The John Quincy Adams Metro Complex of The Western United States

The John Adams Metro Complex was begun in the year 2019, and has lasted in long due construction until it's final completion on the date of Tuesday, April 9th in the year of 2045.

The construction of The John Adams Metro Complex was inspired by the Russian's ingenious design of intellectual stability for miles of underground coverage to get to destinations that civilians, and government personnel so wished to desire; hence giving the names to the majority of the stations around the ring, holding those of previous soviet names.

During the times for which the bombs first fell.. hundreds of civilians consisting of the surface population attempted to flee into the John Adams Metro, and so many others fled to the inquired safety of the Vault-Tec technology; including Enclosed Vaults, Cryogenic Technology, and Robotics.

The John Adams Metro Complex has been inhabited by the thousands, multiplying.. and multiplying; resources are scarce and opposing tensions are at an all time high, upon the year 2238 or roughly 2239.. The Metro has been overrun by alienated species, forcing the inhabitants to flee upon the western side of the community ring.

Since there is no Metro System for any Fallout Online Game, Outposts will be treated as permanently sealed (previous entrances) to the Metro System after the overrun of 2238.

The Factions go as follows:

Please note that these factions are entirely against threats from the surface, including Super Mutants, Ghouls, and Alienated Species not previously seen before the bombs fell.

Metro Dwellers

The previously known occupants of the John Quincy Adams Metro Complex, but for which.. had enough guts and awe for suspicion to explore the surface for theirselves, only to find their world rubbled into a heap of radiated waste.

Regulators of Kireyevsk Station

The once peaceful society with a self-engaged and reliable government, formed shortly after the bombs fell; this society acted as an answer to the cries of the fallen and the ones in dire need of assistance. The occupants of Kireyevsk Station have answered to the community of the Metro as a main trade hub for resources and, their quite remarkable technology for hydroponic farming.

Due to the harassment and the spread of hostile culture, society has left The occupants of Kireyevsk Station to crawl on thin ice, and at their last breaking point; have resulted to enslaving the helpess and killing anyone decisive enough to be in their path.. all to preserve their culture and inhabitants of The Great Kireyevsk Station.

The Fifth Reich

The disclosed society, in high spite to progressively continue the previous practices of Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany to have the strict upkeep of their intense regime. Their propaganda was highly spread throughout the Metro Complex and is now working their way through the wasteland.

The Communist Soverignty

A relatively friendly governing society, functioning off the previously known Communist Regime called "The Soviet Union" with their shares of leaders such as Joseph Stalin; only slightly more friendlier and with a call to open arms, to help a nation or faction in need.

The Community of The Ring

A major trading hub society, known after the uprising to commercial power due to the fall of Kireyevsk Station many years into the Metro Occupance. They pay mercenaries and otherly regulators to protect their traveling caravans on the surface, and previously on their trams throughout The Metro Complex.


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Re: Handful of Faction names to be added
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I will reform this post later, because obviously now I can tell I was highly influenced by the Metro 2033 franchise. I'll edit the thread later to appear more lore-friendly.