Author Topic: The Crazy 88 is coming to town.  (Read 387 times)


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The Crazy 88 is coming to town.
« on: April 21, 2017, 07:20:50 PM »
Crazy 88's ranks are open to self-sufficient players. We are an international gang formed in 2009 and now we come to this server, active in PvP since the beginning. The First in Command is LeonTheNorse( not join in this game yet) and the Second in Command is Vista (in this game). Our gang is not apk either pk; we are neutral, when we feel like shooting, we do it. You can file an application in the channel 88 on radio in the game or massage me here. Before going any further be sure to meet the requirements below:

- Self-sufficiency in-game;
- +18 age;
- Activity in game;
- English speaking;
- TeamSpeak 3 client and working microphone.

To our members we offer:

* PvP helping
* Friendly atmoshpere;
* Help with anything that is game related;
* The possibility to improve and build a solid PvP career;


Recruitment status: Open