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« Last post by farmaciawhick on January 20, 2018, 05:38:39 AM »
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Questions / Re: Is the server dead?
« Last post by Ravenis on January 17, 2018, 06:26:47 AM »
Project is not dead, Season 1 just ended.

Now we are making new stuff for season 2.

There is test server up most of the time at
Questions / Is the server dead?
« Last post by Ser BlackVeil on January 17, 2018, 01:49:45 AM »
R.I.P was looking to be an entertaining experience
About / Re: Changelog
« Last post by Stribe on January 15, 2018, 08:28:27 PM »
Latest changelog

Changed first aid timeout formula - 30 - SKILL/13 --> 15 seconds with 200 skill/ 7 seconds with medic perk.

Added bandage modifier for healing, added chance to remove KO with DOC/2% + Medic Perk*50%, tweaked DOC cooldowns --> 20% of max CD for each limb heal roll, 20% for KO removing, 1% for each 1% bandage level removed.
Bandage is being applied when healing occurs and decays over time --> 3 seconds = 1% bandage point
Bandage decreases healing amount by its % level, 75% bandaged - 25% of heal roll will apply etc, bandage applies in heal/maxHP as % value. Bandage can be bypassed by Blessed Are The Weak by 50% of its current value, allowing to heal individuals with 100% and higher bandage levels.
Medic perk halving the DOC and FA cooldowns, and also adding 50% chance to remove KO from a target with doctor skill.

Added global world events, currently 4 types and those are public
First one is Relatively easy cave location with black scorpions on it and some loot above NCR.
Second one is a Broken Hills caravan being ambushed by unknown mercenary group somewhere around Broken Hills - New Reno route, the hardest event currently, with money and craft materials can be found  in the caravan boxes(130 lockpick skill)
Third one is gangs trying to trade some goods on Golgotha, around New Reno, mostly Small guns mobs, quite challenging even using combat drugs, loot is money and some drugs(130 lockpick skill required)
The last one is Raiders attacking random Northern City, a bit harder than the scorpions lair.

Added random loot spawning in Cities Locations inside various containers. Currently Lockers, Footlockers, Ice chests and Wooden chests are spawning loot.
Added Fire/Plasma burning damage and Bleeding damage. Plasma burning is applied by any plasma based weaponry at 100% ratio, burning for 1/4 of current burn level, decreased by plasma resistance.
 Fire burning is applied at % ratio taken from the ammo, burning for 1/5 of current burn level, decreased by fire resistance.
 Bleed is applied at % ratio taken from the ammo, bleeding by 1/4 of current bleed level as pure damage.
 Those damaging effects have floating damage values above critters with their own colours (Red for bleed, orange for fire, green for plasma). Each tick time is 2 seconds for all of these.

 Ammo modifiers added
 Bleed : 44.JHP as 35%, 10MM JHP as 50%, Frag Grenades as 30% , Explosive Rockets as 50%, 12.GA Flechette Shells as 40%
 Fire  : Flamethrower Fuel mk1 as 20%, Flamethrower Fuel mk2 as 30%, 12.GA Fire Breath Shells as 45%

Added geiger counter cracking when a player is exposed to radiation.
Added irradiation from uranium ore and refined uranium ore if you hold it inside your inventory, the more ore you carry the harder the radiation ticks.
Added silver/golden gecko pelts selling to Balthas in Modoc via dialog(25 and 35 caps each), added uranium ore selling for 130 caps each at Zaius in BH.

Doctor now heals bleeding, formula is random (1,Skill), bypassing cooldowns for this one.
Doctor now heals bandage differently, formula is random (1,skill/2), 1% of doc cooldown for each bandage healed.
Bandage healing now gives XP, 1 exp for each point.
Ko removing with doctor now grants 50 xp.

Added traps-science-repair inventory shotcuts, click with arrow mouse and hold numeric buttons on keyboard, 4 for traps, 7 for science and 8 for repair

Thrown grenades are now have their explosion delay modified by strength + Heave ho perk(aka fly time) (200ms per hex distance - (ST+HEAVE_HOx2)x10)

Craft table now should support every recipe as dismantle base except ammo and misc(drugs, containers keys etc)
Dismantle formula boosted
The old formula is - 10% of getting a resource from craft recipe, 20% with dismantler.
The new formula is - Science*0.2% *(1 + Dismantler perk) up to 60% of getting an item using craft table recipe with 150 science and dismantler.
Dungeons items spawning shouldn't stack anymore.
City treasures spawning in containers now spawn randomly deteriorated items.
Starting weapon is defined by tagged weapon skill.
Mobs can now drop better quality weapons and armors with random properties, currently (1-100 + killer Speculation skill/10 >= 90)
Ammo reverse-crafting (modifiers Science skill and Dismantler perk)
General / Re: cool and funny screens mkII
« Last post by Ramthun on January 07, 2018, 03:39:14 PM »
That NPC said it all: "Move along now. There's nothing to see here."
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« Last post by Charlesaffor on December 23, 2017, 01:49:34 AM »
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« Last post by Charlesaffor on December 21, 2017, 06:43:30 AM »
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Introductions / Taking a look
« Last post by Ultred on September 02, 2017, 11:09:10 PM »
I think at this point I'm a Vet of Fonline. Just needed a new challenge. Looks interesting.
Questions / Re: Blueprint fix?
« Last post by AnarchCassius on August 17, 2017, 07:18:45 AM »
The remainder of Tier 1 and Tier 2 are in, and Tier 3 is available in theory (full distribution of t3 resources is still in progress). Many weapons have had crafting stats adjusted.
About / Re: Changelog
« Last post by AnarchCassius on August 17, 2017, 04:08:40 AM »
Looks like there's a bit of catching up to do here:

Str Melee damage bonus doubled
Quick Pockets no longer makes Rapid Reload useless.
Bounty Manager added in NCR.
There is now chance to get Wooden Crate spawn in encounters, what can contain wide range of items and gear. Item Collecting skill will increase chance to get better items.
Item Collecting skill name is now Speculation, it will cover all luck based stuff currently in a game and what will be added later. (you need to update the client and clear cache again to see it properly)
Fixed bug with many non-attack damage sources.
Fast Reload works as intended.
Quick Pockets reduces AP cost for non-reload inventory use actions.
Removed armor piercing from basic (red) 12 gauge ammo.
Added Boomerang, Chakram, Dart, Shuriken, Deco-Filament, and Lacerator.
Melee weapons only do more base damage on a thrust if they have Penetrate.
All thrown spears do the same damage as when used in melee.
Overdose system added:
    10 overdose points are healed every time HP regen occurs.
    At 500 overdose and higher there is a chance of becoming Overdosed when using chems.
    Overdosed characters take damage over time; Overdosed can be healed with Doctor but this does not reduce overdose points.
    At 1000 overdose and higher there is a chance of becoming knocked out when using chems.
    At 1500 overdose and higher there is a chance of dying when using chems.
    Chem Resistant halves overdose points from addictive chems.
   Most Recent Changes only: M60 damage lowered and no longer has Penetrate
Iron Pipe damage lowered
Normal 12 gauge ammo no longer claims to be armor piercing
.44 Magnum JHP restored to Fallout 2 stats to make it similair to other JHP ammo
7.62mm AP damage adjustment reduced to 3/4
Overdose from addictive chems reduced to 25 + 3 x addiction chance.
Skilled adds 6 SP/level
Old effects of Good Natured removed
Maximum books per character reduced to 40
Encounter loot adjusted, items with durability found on the ground will be noticably damaged
Level cap is 40, SP and HP gains reduced by 50% after level 30.
Strong Back, Snakeater, Rad Resistance, Pickpocket, Pack Rat, Light Step, Magnetic Personality, Master Thief, Educated, and Demolition Expert have been changed to level perks.
Move Addiction parameter ids so we can add new Addictions and Perks without messing up the list count.
Removed Even Tougher; added Cyborg.
Removed Dodger+, Healer+, Heave Ho!!, HtH Evade+, and Even More Criticals.
Miner for Life: You have spent your life in mines. You are strong, but you seem to be always little behind the others. You get a 15% bonus to Close Combat and Speculation, +10 to melee damage and increased carry weight, but have a -2 penalty to Agility and attacks cost 1 more AP.
AP reduction property for weapons enabled; bigger max range boost availible
Increased sight range
Market fixes.
Market items will expire in one week, and you can collect them from marketeer after that.
Lowered ammo crafting requirements.
Fixed implants and hopefully other perk, profession related bugs.
Added craftable Modified 9mm Lewis Gun (Uses Big Gun skill).
Drugs now have individual overdose levels making it much harder to OD on Nuka Cola and Radaway example.
Fixer greatly reduces overdose points, though the full effect takes some time.
Converted Level perks no longer availible as support perks and will be removed from characters over the Perks for their level.
Max AP bonus no longer availible on weapons
Max range boost no longer availible on melee weapons
Armor piercing ammunition displays its piercing ability
Action point cost reduction displays on quality weapons now
Fixed issue with stats on very high level NPCs
All knives can cut fibres and brahmin meat
Using items to collect resources will cause deterioration
NPCs no longer try to offer blueprints
Text fixed on Lifegiver, Skilled and Good Natured
Intoxication level now displays as a tab to track potential for overdose
Fixed bug with chance to gain addiction and amount of intoxication gained when refreshing chems
Chems can now be refreshed after comedown penalties begin
Fixed bug with duplication of crafting stations
Fixed issue with Converted Level being removed from characters over the Perks for their level.
M60 damage reduced
Grenade launcher ammo capacity reduced to 1
9mm Lewis Gun range increased
Tweaked some weights and costs
Fixed PID conflic error with 9mm JHP
Lewis MKII, Bren gun, M249 SAW, Milkor MGL and .303 ammo added
Crafting tables greatly reworked and expanded
Armor values rebalanced and helmets brought in line with body armor
Base Armor Class when not moving is equal to Agility x1
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