Hadelmia Roguelike MMORPG

Roguelike MMORPG project


-Added spell(Technique) Taunt, doubles your current threat.
-Do not show empty item slot's zero sell value.
-Fixed sfx volume setting not to affect to all sounds.
-Prevent moving sfx overspam (caused some "lag").
-Reduced inventory frlickering.
-Fixed music continuing to play after login when it is turned off.
-Trying to fix player kicks when dropping items.
-Fixed messed graphic issue when dropping an item.
-Fixed messed graphic issue when taking items from a bank.

-Skillbook prices lowered.
-Fixed maul and mallet crafting.

-Some loot balancing.
-Hotbar tooltips.
-Server crash fix when player used teleport.

-Second try to fix visual gear glitch when player logs in.

-NPC loading redone.

-Added 16 inventory slots.

-Some tweaks to sound system.

-First sound(simple moving sound) test.

-New weapons added for professions.

-Master volume adjustment.
-25 new lootable weapons added(not craftable yet).
-Fixed not able to chat after dropping money bug.
-Added ranged and magical penalty to info panels.
-More stablility issues solved.
-Various other small fixes.

-Few logging bugs solved.

-Testing RSA encryption.

-Dungeon music / ambience.
-Weapon skills now gives %1 per level to hitchance.
-First try to fix visual gear glitch when player logs in.

-Fixed some UI popup window glitches.
-Fixed wrong attackspeed.

-Movable and closable stats window.
-UI Fixes.

-First items for last unused slots.

-Interface Improvements.

-Party and quest bug fixes.
-Couple problems solved when player got kicked out from the server.

-New party system (max party size is 2 until leadership skills are implemented)
-Mob kill xp is divided for party members.

-Some sort of skillpool point applying to skills (need also testing)

-Chat bubble fixes.

-Defensive stance threat mess up fix.

-More encryption testing.

-Player LOS improvements.
-Monsters shouldn't shoot trough walls anymore (need testing).
-Monster LOS improvements.

-Basic LOS for monsters.
-Fixed gathering proffesions cooldown.
-Reduced occasional warping when moving.

-Some monster can slow you down (spiders etc).
-Bee Queen Boss.

-More info about an item in craft menu.
-More wall tile GFXs.
-Heal spell effect (test).
-Fixed wrong hp and stamina values sent by a server.
-Bee hive.

-Chat bubble adjustments.
-Fixed wooden fence drop/loot problems.
-Fixed crash when skinning certain animals.
-Fixed bug when you couldn't use just made boards/bars etc.

-Nicer player, monster and object name indicator.
-Chat bubbles.


-Added few more tunes in the OST.
-Balanced soundtrack volume to not to explode your head constantly.
-New rat graphics (super important!).

-LOS adjustments
-Enabled mobs armor value.
-Server side crash fixes.

-Some boss offset fixes.
-Colored text on infomemo.

Version 0.3.9
-Bigger bosses.
-Fixed stamina and mana regeneration.

Version 0.3.89
-Fixed wrong attack speed.
-Fixed bug when pets got on to lose.
-Pets didn't follow their master after the portal, fixed.
-Some new graphics.
-Dread Knight and his minions added (A.I. coming in next patch).

Version 0.3.883
-Roguelike LOS on.

Version 0.3.882
-Fixed bug when unidentified items didn't show in loot window.

Version 0.3.881
-Fixed wrong damage bonus on critical hit.
-First Boss Forguh.

Version 0.3.88
-New loot drop system based on item and mob dropchance modifiers.

Version 0.3.87
-Color name indicators for magical items.
-Added plate gloves for blacksmiths to make.
-Fixed visual bug when it didn't show willpower bonus.
-Clearer hotbar.

Version 0.3.86
-More item mess fixes.

Versions 0.3.84 and 0.3.85
-Hopefully fixed item mess when taking something out of the bank vualt.
-Magical item names now shows in bank too.
-Fixed visual (Big head) bug when inventory gfx was shown instead of paperdoll gfx.

Version 0.3.83
-Fixed monster deagroing when target goes offline.

Version 0.3.82
-Changed max stamina formula to ((CON+AGI+STR)/3)*10.

Version 0.3.81
-Fixed bug when inventory didn't get refreshed after crafting.
-Pet related fixes.
-More tries to fix "invisible monster" bug.

Version 0.3.8
-Full stamina implement.
-Techniques (warrior spells) now uses stamina instead of mana.
-Techniques doesn't check spell success chance when casted (no fails).
-Stamina regeneration is calculated by endurance skill level * 4.
-Some fixes to prevent players to drop from server.

Version 0.3.7
-Fixed halting monster path finding.
-Fixed non attackking pets.
-Fixed lot of login issues.
-Reduced UI flickering.
-Client crash fixes.

Version 0.3.69
-Some UI fixes.

Version 0.3.68
-Shearing fixes.
-Tailoring profession.

Version 0.3.67
-Sheep shearing.
-Housing/construction bug fixes.

Version 0.3.66
-Performance tweaks.
-Animal penning.

Version 0.3.65
-Animal pen (wooden fence).

Version 0.3.64
-Anti speedhack testing.
-Some UI fixes.

Version 0.3.63
-Support for secondary item bonuses.
-Added item indetification skill to determinate secondary bonuses.
-Total overhaul of server cycle timing.

Version 0.3.62
-Fixed attack mode staying busy after equipping gear.

Version 0.3.61
-Fixed bug when crafted items didn't get basic bonuses.
-Better skillbased chance to get magical and exceptional item by crafting.

Version 0.3.60
-AudioUpdater.exe audio (music only now) updater, not necessary to use.
-Possible invisible monster bug fix.
-Server side crash fixes.

Version 0.3.59
-Fixed LOS problem when in forest.

Version 0.3.58
-Fixed chest miss bug (did not open the chest).
-Chests can be found only in dungeons.
-Fixed no loot bug if mob died to bleeding.
-Many crash bug fixes.
-Better random dungeon generator.

Version 0.3.57
-Fixed 0 damage balanced stance bug.
-Enabled mouse clicking on hotkeybar.

Version 0.3.56
-3 stances, balanced, defensive and offensive.

Version 0.3.55
-Fixed disappearing and unreachable perks window.
-Better Updater.exe (uses build in unzipper).
-Fixed bugged skill injection when they crashed skills form.

Version 0.3.54
-LOS optimization.
-Chest open bug fix.
-Fixed ranged and magic penalty.
-Fixed bug when player armor was 0.
-More server stability fixes.

Version 0.3.53
-Fixed issue when you could not see other player name.
-Fixed player coordinate saving when disconnecting.
-Removed music and sound effects.
-Fixed issue when someone logged in and your chat message typing interrupted.
-Some stability fixes.

Version 0.3.52
-FOW is back.
-Made check for characters coordinate correction.
-Added some music and effect sounds (testing).
-Fixed couple server crashes.

Version 0.3.51
-Added random bounty quest npc.
-Fixed consumable cooldown.
-Fixed hp regeneration when eating food.

Version 0.3.50
-Fixed bug when item id was wrong in player inventory after buying it.

Version 0.3.49
-Fixed some spell issues and mailbox.

Version 0.3.48
-Optimization, bug and crash fixes.

Version 0.3.47
-Added slam and shield mastery spells.

Version 0.3.43-0.3.46
-Server side fixes and tweaks.

Version 0.3.42
-Fixed buggy perk window.

Version 0.3.40-0.3.41
-More quest system fixes.

Version 0.3.37-0.3.39
-Quest system fixes.

Version 0.3.36
-Fixed money dropping.

Version 0.3.35
-Fixed stack deleting issue when using item.

Version 0.3.34
-More bug fixes.

Version 0.3.33
-Some performance updates and bug fixes.

Version 0.3.32
Professions now gives XP.

Versions 0.3.30-0.3.31
-Performance fixes.

Version 0.3.28
-Fixed line of sight glitches.
-New quest system-

Version 0.3.27
-Fishing profession.

Version 0.3.26
-New map.

\r\nVersion 0.3.25
-More performance tweaks.

Version 0.3.24
-Fixed disconnecting problems.

Version 0.3.23
-Added few 2-handed weapons and craftable by blacksmith.
-Added bow crafting under carpentry.

Version 0.3.22
-Performance fixes.

Version 0.3.21
-No more hbitmaps directory.
-Wandering monsters.

Version 0.3.20
-Casting monsters.

Version 0.3.19
-Fixed clan memberlist hassle when new member joins.
-Shows your own character name now.

Version 0.3.18
-Clan master can invite members to the clan.

Version 0.3.17
-More clan related code (Still not ready).

Version 0.3.16
-New mail indicator.

Version 0.3.15
-Tweaks to moving system.
-Fixed skill training complete notification.
-Better mailing system.

Version 0.3.14
-Fixed crashing loginserver.
-Loot window fix.

Version 0.3.13
-Couple visual and UI fixes.

Version 0.3.12
-Various bug fixes.

Version 0.3.11
-More clan code (not ready yet).
-Resource deposits.

Version 0.3.10
-Clan creation.

Version 0.3.09
-Farming profession.

Version 0.3.08
-Leatherworking profession.
-Added lots of craftable items for other professions.
-Various tweaks to magical crafting system.
-Added chance to craft exceptional items.
-Fixed bug when hints did not show.

Version 0.3.07
-UI fixes.

Version 0.3.06
-Base system for crafting magical items.

Version 0.3.05
-Added couple new mobs.

Version 0.3.04
-Added colored combat texts into log.

Version 0.3.03
-Some tweaks.

Version 0.3.02
-Chat related fixes.

Version 0.3.01
-Fixes to crafting system.

Version 0.3.00
-New crafting code(material stacks are still disabled).

Version 0.2.99
-And more bug fixes.

Version 0.2.98
-Visual glitch fixes.

Version 0.2.97
-Couple bug fixes.

Version 0.2.96
-Fixed mainform focusing problem.
-Data compression.

Version 0.2.95
-Small performance improvements and UI fixes.
-Str effects to mining and lumberjacking and dex to skinning.
-Added more info to items.

Version 0.2.94
-Fixed player selection bug.

Version 0.2.93
-Fixed chat crash.

Version 0.2.92
-Fixed bugged bleed system.

Version 0.2.91
-Fixed other player selection bug.
-Fixed heal spell.

Version 0.2.90
-More various bug fixes.

Version 0.2.89
-More bug fixes.

Version 0.2.88
-Fixed couple visual glitches.

Version 0.2.87
-Trying to fix random disconnects.
-Fixed moving related crashes.

Version 0.2.86
-Trying to fix moving related crash.

Version 0.2.85
-Mail system still buggy but small messages can be send.

Version 0.2.84
-Fixed lots of mail system bugs.

Version 0.2.83
-Fixed private messaging.

Version 0.2.82
-Fixed level up bugs.
-Fixed npc respawn bug crash.

Version 0.2.81
-Added mailbox and simple mail system.
-Private messaging system.
-Fixed various annoying bugs on UI.

Version 0.2.80
-Fixed little bug when buying items.
-Prevent players to make characters with already taken names.

Version 0.2.79
-Autoaccount creation.
-Fixed few access violation errors.

Version 0.2.78
-Added protecting npc guards.
-Fixed bug when monsters speed was wrong.
-Simple guard AI.

Version 0.2.77
-Player sync corrections.
-Animal taming.
-Simple pet AI.

Version 0.2.76
-Gender fixes.

Version 0.2.75
-Added genders.

Version 0.2.74
-Fixed random quest glitches.

Version 0.2.73
-Fixed wrong block chance %.
-Added Blockade perk.

Version 0.2.72
-Fixed Torch related glitches.

Version 0.2.71
-Fixed perk reset point allocation bug.

Version 0.2.70
-Stable release

Version 0.2.47
-Fixed stopping training and regeneration counters.

Version 0.2.46
-Added questlog (F2).

Version 0.2.45
-Random quest generator prototype.
-Fixed some wrong player coordinate problems.
-Added 8 more bag slots.

Version 0.2.44
-Fixed crashes and random disconnects when player is logging out.
-Added charisma modifiers to tradeskills and general selling and buying.

Version 0.2.43
-Added Scribing skill and tools and items for it.

Version 0.2.42
-Fixed some torch related problems.
-Added couple trading skills and merchant vendor.
-Other small UI related fixes.

Version 0.2.41
-Added forge and anvil what you need for many professions.
-Fixed some annoying UI glitches.
-You cant see other players if they are out of sight anymore.

Version 0.2.40
-Added particle effect to heal spell.
-Fixed crash when opening chests.

Version 0.2.39
-You can now scroll chat, info and skills panel with mouse wheel.

Version 0.2.38
-Server is not spamming hp and mana update to clients anymore.

Version 0.2.37
-Couple fixes where players coordinates went wrong.

Version 0.2.36
-Server crash fixes.

Version 0.2.35
-Trying to solve couple server crashes.

Version 0.2.34
-More fixes to movement system.

Version 0.2.33
-Fixes to new movement system.
-Fixed cooking.
-Couple visual glitch fixes.

Version 0.2.32
-Smoother player and monster movement.

Version 0.2.31
-Crash and stablity fixes.
-Fixed too low hitrating for players from skillbonus.
-Random monsters didnt respawn.
-All monsters drop random loot now.
-Fixed equipping bug when you picked up player dropped item.
-Added threat indicator.

Version 0.2.30
-Fixed blinking inventory when using skillbooks.
-Fixed access violation error with storage manager and healer.
-Fixed too high critical damage for player.
-Fixed too high ranged penalty from the gear.
-Fixed wrong miss percent with weapons.
-You can see monster healthbar if your anatomy skill is over 4.
-You can see monster level based hitpenalty % if your anatomy skill is 5.
-Better vendor handling.

Version 0.2.29
-New visual style.
-You can open the stash only from tile next to it.
-Lot of visual glitch fixes.
-Added few more items.
-Changed colors of labels like magical, requirements and bonuses of items.

Version 0.2.28
-Fixed buggy heal spell.
-Enabled particle engine.
-Fixed too fast mana regeneration.

Version 0.2.27
-Client now adjust to screen resolution.
-Fixed wrong potions cooldown.
-Added couple more items.
-You can unequip gear now from slots (finally).
-Added missing graphics for the client.

Version 0.2.26
-Added melee weapon speciality skills.
-Added those skillbooks to trainer vendor.

Version 0.2.25
-Tons of stash bug fixes.

Version 0.2.24
-Stash prototype.

Version 0.2.23
-Started to work on stash. not yet implemented tho.
-Fixed item info panel moving out of sight on vendor inventory.
-Ore and bar enchanting skill.
-Fixed wrong slots for plate and ring arms.
-Added possibility to craft enchanted steel bars and plate armors.

Version 0.2.22
-Fixed item decay on ground.
-Fixed chat letters what showed ? instead correct one.
-Try to fix "ghost" characters who are disconnected.

Version 0.2.21
-Fixed closing inventory and chat panel after level up.
-Fixed couple weapons what hitrange was 0.

Version 0.2.20
-Even Better stability for multiple players online.
-Fixed wrong hitchance bonuses for weapons.