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FOnline Forever is free to play post-nuclear MMORPG with some unique features.

FOnline forever is played in the seasons which lengths differs time to time.

In end of every season there is usually big update expected since the server is in constant development.

More information about the game itself you can find in About channel or the FOnline Forever wiki and the forums.

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Game is free to play and you are not obligated to donate.

All donations are welcome though to keep the server running.

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Location: Finland

Email: fonlineforever@gmail.com


Fonline Forever is a free to play post-nuclear MMORPG based on the Fallout 1 and 2 games, using the good old FOnline engine.

The game offers the players immersive roleplaying "sand-box" post-nuclear experience, were the players can take role of a raider, trader or a wastelander.

Explore the familiar locations from the classic fallout series and reveal the interesting quest line hand-crafted for the online multiplayer experience.

Take a part of something bigger. The players can join and form factions to take control of a local cities for the fame and the glory. Only the strongest will rule the whole wasteland!

The game also offers multiple different type of dungeons for you and your friends to complete.

Overall FOnline Forever is good mix of PvP, PvE and of course roleplaying.

So get ready for game changing experience and remember that.. War.. War never changes..


Client download

Client is configured for our server, so just unzip it and launch the client.

Remember also run updater.exe regularly to keep client updated.

You also need copy of a Fallout 2 to play Fallout Online. You can buy it from Steam or GOG. It's cheap as prostitutes in New Reno.

if you own a copy of Fallout 2, you only must insert MASTER.DAT and CRITTER.DAT into the Fonline Forever folder where the main client is located.